Special Exhibition 2017

“Good Manners – Navigating through constraint, corsets and ham sandwiches”

As partner in the Lower Austrian Provincial Exhibition 2017, from 1 April 2017 Schloss Arstetten presents “Good Manners. Navigating through constraint, corsets and ham sandwiches”. In this exhibition some everyday situations are taken up to display the appropriate etiquette involved and so to arouse awareness that style and good behaviour are just as valid today and in the future. 

To accompany this exhibition, in the Archduke Franz Ferdinand Museum and Schloss Café there will be “theatrical Talk-Walk shows” on conventions, tact and decorum:

Experience a very special project! This time we launch ourselves on a search for the “sense and sensibility” of human manners and etiquette. In the best tradition of the theatre we find the changes in conventions mirrored in the lines of great literature: Experience an amusing evening of powerful language for both body and soul! We invite you to an exciting theatre evening that will whet your appetite, at the end of which the corks will pop! With David Czifer, Claudia Marold, Max Mayrhoher. Director: Peter Pauz

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