We welcome your visit and request you to observe a few points in order to make your visit in Schloss Artstetten (as far as possible) barrier free. 


Please report your visit with a wheelchair or walker under 0043-7413-8006.


A visit with a wheelchair or walker is possible only with an escort in order to gain access from outside to the second floor of the museum or into the castle café.


As an exception it will be permitted to drive the car up to the entrance of the musuem and to leave it parked there for the duration of your stay in Schloss Artstetten. After disembarking passengers, small buses should please be moved to the car park area.

In order to avoid the few steps of the museum entrance, you or your escort should please notify the ticket office in the shop on your arrival.


There are recurring seating opportunities throughout the museum to afford you of a short rest if needed.


The somewhat hilly castle parkland consists entitrely of natural pathways that could present an obstacle to a visit. The view of the extensive castle park, however, can be enjoyed from the south terrace while taking a refreshment in the castle café.