Appropriate to the background of Schloss Artstetten as the residence of the heir apparent Franz Ferdinand – whose tragic end sparked the outbreak of the First World War – in a sense of peaceful coexistence seldom varieties of fruits and berries, all bearing aristocratic names, have been and will be planted in the castle park. Thus a connection is created that in real life was scarcely possible between these historical personages. So we have here Otto von Bismarck (apple), Tsar Alexander (apple), Joan of Arc (pear), Queen Victoria (plum) or Napoleon (cherry), all peacefully existing Nächste to one another…

The family Hohenberg wants thereby to make a small, botanical contribution to peace in Europe.

Through reflection on such old cultural treasures interest in old varieties of fruits may be awakened once more.

In future visitors will be able to pick apples and pears and eat them there and then – or purchase in our shop jams, schnapps and liqueurs made from these fruits.