Some of the Sights worth visiting in the Castle Nature Park:


1) The old Riding Ground – P1

2) Stairway / impressive Way up to the „Rose-Parterre”, with the so-called “Großen Spuckmann”

3) „Garden Terrace with ist flight of steps” – „Schanigarten” of the Castle-Café with „Lion Stairway”

4) Peonies Paradise 

5) House garden, used for the project “munching on nobility” with rosé trellises

6) Memorial Monument Trinity Column 

7) The Cestnuts Avenue

8) The Tent Frame

9) The Bathing Pavilion

10) The Pool

11) Séquoia tree, Siberian pine and a large leafed boxwood tree (150 to 200 years old!)

12) The Small Spuckmann”


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